Oliver von Malm

“You always have to start somewhere!” is Oliver’s motto. And he started early as a student of architecture trying to shape the world. Back in 2011 he visited Kenya and saw the great need of educational facilities in the poverty-stricken country. He wanted to build a school in a slum so children could receive the education they need. But he soon realized that this project is much bigger than building just one school. His beautiful mind came up with a way that the locals can build their own concrete structures in a location where this material is not easy to obtain. The combination of high-tech tools and low-tech manufacturing methods as well as low-cost materials facilitates the construction process. In 2016, Oliver von Malm has finished his master thesis in Architecture and “Start Somewhere” has become a non-profit organization with a lot of dedicated members. Oliver’s master thesis is about the construction of a new school building that shall be built by the slum residents themselves. Join his talk and figure out how they can do it.


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