Scott Leibrand

“A beautiful mind is a terrible thing to waste.” – Those of us privileged enough to ponder the meaning of that quote are in a unique position to consider, now more than ever before in history, just how many beautiful minds no longer have to be wasted.  By seizing opportunities to help each other, we can accomplish amazing things together.”

Since Dana pulled out her insulin pump on their first date, Scott Leibrand tried to learn everything he could about diabetes. For him that meant to learn everything from Dana as well as teaching himself new things no one yet knew about diabetes. All that knowledge he provided to a computer to make it understand diabetes as well. Together Dana and Scott have developed a more advanced mealtime insulin dosing system. This is a breakthrough for everyone diagnosed with diabetes. If you are effected by this disease or have someone diabetic in your family – you should definitely join this talk to educate yourself further!

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