Sebastian Scheler

“Beautiful Minds help us to widen our own horizon. To think new and different. To understand the fundamentals of life in a new way. To leave old perspectives for new inspirations behind. Beautiful Mind motivate to dream and be amazed.”

Sebastian Scheler decided to use his Beautiful Mind as well as his education in psychology to connect it with innovative technology. With his company “Innerspace” he is using virtual-reality-technology as a practice tool for emotional and social skills. With 3D-animation and storytelling the user is walking through what feels like real life scenarios. This should help people to deal with key situation in their work life. They are able to change their role as a user to open their minds to other perspectives and to learn from that. Wouldn’t you sometimes like your fellow humans to show a little bit more empathy now or then? It’s about to happen! Don’t miss Sebastians talk.

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