Etienne Koo

In a world that gets increasingly digital and connected, we believe in the power of 3D avatars. You may ask yourself: What is this? And how should it help me in my daily life? Well, a 3D avatar is basically a digital twin of yourself and it can make your life not only easier but also more exciting and comfortable at the same time.
The increasing use of AR and VR technologies, as well as 3D sensor technology in even the smallest of smartphones, leads to a growing desire for diving into the digital world in a more personal way. Simply because our world is getting more digital, does not mean that it gets impersonal. Quite the contrary will be the case.
In the near future, you will use your digital twin for size recommendations in online shops, for digital clothes fitting and runways as well as futuristic gaming, social interaction and even real-time sports. We envision the future with digital twins for everybody.

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