Michael Rossié

Public speaking is not an art, but not a problem. A good speaker is someone who speaks like a counterpart in everyday life, quite natural and authentic. The most important thing is not the rhetorical skill, but the ability to ignite and inspire people. The amount of likes on videos, podcasts and webinars will automatically increase exponentially! People don’t want to read anymore, but rather want to see and listen to interesting people who have something to say. The speech of the future is not perfect, rehearsed or directed by a professional director, but quick, dirty and full of content! If you give people too many tips on how to improve their presentation skills, their performance will not get better but worse. My mission is to help people overcome their fear in front of a camera or on a stage. I have a very special technique which is easy to learn and easy to implement. Presenting is like flirting with the crowd. The future of public speaking has only just begun!

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