Robby Schwertner [CryptoRobby]

I am active in the crypto sphere focusing on blockchain technologies. There are lots of misunderstandings, uncertainties and also fears about this new technology. Bitcoin has made blockchain famous. However greed and rapacity took over, with crypto currencies being used to make the rich even richer, lots of people becoming addicted to trading and others losing everything. That is why I felt we need voices to tell the beautiful and positive stories about what else is possible: Green energy blockchain, grading system supporting people with smaller incomes, certification of food on blockchain, blockchain for land ownership proof. These are just some of the many other applications where we could use blockchain to help people. My mission: supporting blockchain use cases with an added value to society. I created the hashtag #ReturnonSociety, which is now widely spread by startups, large enterprises and even at conferences. Because we need technologies that serve the people, not the other way round.

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