Stefan Lingler

When Shpock launched, the marketplace app revolutionized the mobile classified’s business. Today, more than 10 million monthly users make Shpock one of Europe’s most dominant shopping apps. Since the beginning, the Backend was one of the major pillars of Shpock’s international success story. The Backend does not only provide the API with more than 700M requests per week but provides performant tools to all teams at Shpock. It builds systems for Event Tracking, Logging, CRM, Messaging Queue and push notifications with focus on high availability and scalability – tailor-made for Shpock’s needs. The infrastructure is hosted on 600+ root servers with more than 10 database clusters. The talk will give you insights in the evolution of both Backend and infrastructure with case examples on selected Shpock-made technologies as well as the past roadmap of application development. It will also show the possible challenges Shpock will face in the future.

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